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What do you do when your candy-red Zuuroc Prime GTR Convertible is impounded for illegal space-cruising ? For Fatima, it's looking like community service. There are rocks in the beautiful ice rings of Ingelon, and the only way to get your ride out of impound is to clear them out! So Grab your hip-jets and you Sirrus-Star multi-mode energy pistol, and get ready to rid the rings of 'roids!


Fatima is a Shoot 'em Up where the goal is to destroy as many asteroids as possible! Each level has a minimum goal to achieve.  Fatima is protected by her personal force bubble and cannot be harmed by the asteroids, so your only concern is destroying as many as possible! 

At the end of each level you are awarded a grade, and after 4 levels you receive a final grade.  Don't forget to take a screenshot with the Q key and share your high scores with me on Twitter! @PrismaSlice


  • Movement | WASD
  • Aim | Mouse
  • Left Mouse | Wave Beam
  • Right Mouse | Shock Cannon
  • Q Key | Take Screenshot
  • ESC Key | Reset Demo / Quit Game at Title Screen

Controller Mode

Press the A Button on your XBOX controller to activate Controller Mode

  • Movement | Left Stick
  • Aim | Right Stick
  • Left Trigger | Shock Cannon
  • Right Trigger | Wave Beam


Design - Art - Code

Wesley P Eldridge | @PrismaSlice


Joshua Du Chene | @JoshuaDuChene


TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie

Avenza - Explorer (Origional Mix)

TheFatRat JJD - Prelude (VIP Edit)

Prefekt - Rose Tinted

TheFatRat - Unity

Install instructions

Just unzip and play. No install required.


FatimaProto_v1.zip 76 MB
Fatima_Proto_v1.zip 94 MB

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